YOUR CONSULTANT IS Jamey & Joey Griffith

My Story

I started selling Scentsy in Dec of 2009. I first had a basket party for a co-worker, the found myself buying bars every week! I thought to myself I Love this product , the safty and the cost! I should just sell and share the wonderful scents and safty experience. I don't care who you are you can always use extra income.So then mid 2010 I had a team of 40 and growing strong! Everyone Loves Scentsy the scents warmers and the safty of it all. They are adding new products and generating more sales. They are a Wondeful giving company. And all this in on top of the income I earn every month.  They have recently opened the door to Puerto Rico, and Canada. I now have 102 people on my Team and LOVE  MY JOB!!! If you want to Love what you do Make money doing it and also enjoy the over 80 scents yourself ? Join my Team!

Have a blessed day